• Provincial Retreat with Fr. Smyth

    Calamba City. Claretian Missionaries of the Philippine Province gathered together at the Mornese Spiritual Center in Pansol, Laguna for their annual provincial retreat last November 17 to 22, 2014. Fr. Paul Smyth, CMF, vicar general of the congregation facilitated the retreat and led the group into a deeper reflection of the identity of the Claretians and the living of the evangelical vows as well as its renewal. He facilitated some group dynamics that eventually encouraged each member of the province to reflect and to share the many thoughts and realizations provoked by the dynamics itself. Furthermore, communities took turns in animating the group during prayers and Eucharistic celebrations. Also during the retreat, the province celebrated the birthday of Frs. Bernardo Blanco, CMF and Elmer Cantular, CMF. At the end of the retreat, the group went for a swim at the nearby resort. Photo Albums: https://www.facebook.com/lorenzo.larry.35/media_set?set=a.866696706694472.1073742031.100 ...

    Saturday, 22 November 2014
  • Inclusion of the Samal Bajaus in the Bangsamoro Basic Law

    Isabela City. The Bajau People’s Organization (BPO) and the Claret Samal Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) attended the Public Hearing and Consultation on House Bill No. 4994 otherwise called the Bangsamoro Basic Law held at the Basilan State College Open Gym in Isabela City last Thursday, November 20, 2014. Cagayan de Oro Representative Rufus Rodriguez, chair of the House of Representatives' Ad Hoc Committee on the BBL, formally opened the said Public Hearing and Consultation. It was well represented by all the stakeholders of the island province of Basilan. CSFI and BPO grabbed the opportunity to voice their plea in the general public. With one voice we appealed for a revision of the drafted BBL that was passed on to Congress to make it rather an inclusive law that will cater all the constituents of the Bangsamoro with particular consideration and protection to the marginalized indigenous people like the Samal Bajaus. There are implications affecting them directly which we are protesting an ...

    Thursday, 20 November 2014
  • One Priest, One Deacon on Claret's Feast Day

      Quezon City. Scholastic Gabriel Hoang Thai Son,CMF was ordained as Deacon and Rev. Peter Phan Van Dat, CMF was also ordained as Priest last Friday morning, October 24, 2014, Feast of St. Anthony Mary Claret, founder of the congregation of Missionaries Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish church by Most Reverend Honesto Ontiongco, DD, Bishop of Cubao. The parents, relatives, and friends of both Claretians joined the celebration as well as the Claretians who are in Manila. A simple salu-salu followed the celebration at the Bulwagang Claret. ...

    Friday, 24 October 2014
  • AEYG 2015 + CF Updates

    There are only 285 days to go before the most awaited first ever Claretian Family gathering and the gathering of the Claretian Youth of Asia, also known as AEYG 2015 + CF. Based from the 5th Execom Meeting last August and from the updates of the committees dated October 15, 2014, the following are the recent updates regarding the event: 1) REGISTRATION FEES for all claretian communities in the Philippines have been lowered from P 5,500.00 to P 3,500.00 each exclusive of travel and allowance of each participant. Number of participants from the CMF institutions in the Philippines are being limited and lowered. The organizers are now only expecting 550 as the maximum total number of Claretian Family members to participate. 2) The Theme Song "Meet Him in the Cloud" had been presented already to the body by the composer and the band. Studio recording is on its way. Likewise the Jovenes Claretianos of San Antonio Ma. Claret are already preparing a video presentation including an instruc ...

    Tuesday, 21 October 2014
  • First Youth Encounter Program in Ormoc Held

    Ormoc City. The Claret Youth Ministry of Ormoc finally had its first batch of Yepers after the Youth Encounter Program was held at the San Antonio Ma. Claret Chapel and Mission Center last October 17 - 19, 2014. There were 29 participants coming from the different zones under the apostolate area of the Claretian Missionaries. Fr. Louie Guades III, CMF, the provincial youth commission head spearheaded the implementation of the formation program together with the local and national facilitators. The provincial youth commission is very thankful to Fr. Christopher Ligason for allowing the program to be part of their program for the youth. It is hopeful that the program will continue and bring more committed youth to the claretian mission in ormoc. Likewise, the commission is thankful for the accommodations shown by Fr. Rene, Fr. Larry and the Novitiate Community headed by Fr. Bords and Rev. Kiem. Words of gratitude to the CYM of Ormoc and to Mr. Alvin Sosmeña who helped in realization ...

    Sunday, 19 October 2014
  • The Claretians in Southern Mindanao Prepares for Bangsamoro

    Among the Claretian communities all over the Philippines, the whole Basilan Claretian community in Basilan peninsula and the four ministries namely, Claret School of Tumahubong (CST), San Vicente Ferrer Parish, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish (IHMP) in Maluso and Claret Samal Bajau Foundation (CSFI) will be under the Bangsamoro. It is due to the present political condition of the place. The municipality of Sumisip and Maluso are under the autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) and subsequently be included in Bangsamoro. Consequently, the community in Basilan put emphasis on the preparation on the Bangsamoro during one of their community meetings. They uttered that the only thing that they can do is preparation for themselves and for their respective ministries. Thus they made mechanisms for the preparations. The preparation of the Claretian Community in Basilan has two facets. Those are information gathering about the whole spectrum of Bangsamoro and information dissemination to ...

    Sunday, 19 October 2014
  • Fr Pop's Anniversary

    Fr. Arvin Bellen, CMF and Fr Julius Boado, CMF, both assigned in the Claretian mission in Sarangani, joined the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions (PIME) in remembering the death of the Italian Priest, Fr. Fausto “Pops” Tentorio last October 17, 2014 in their mission area. ...

    Saturday, 18 October 2014
  • First Fiesta of Nuestra Señora del Pilar Quasi Parish

    Parish-based organizations were recognized and new sets of officers were installed right after the mass. A simple salu-salo was prepared by the people at the main convent - 4 lechon and 4 pigs slaughtered for the occassion aside from the different contributions of the people from every zone. The Jovenes Claretianos prepared a simple program and games in the evening of the fiesta. The quasi parish is currently raising funds and building the new shrine. The Bishop intended to declare the new parish not later than February 2015 during the first assembly that will be held in Guilinan. Once established and people come for devotion to the Our Lady, it would be called "Diocesan Shrine - Parish of Nuestra Señora del Pilar." Nuestra Señora del Pilar Quasi Parish comprises the following chapels of the four zones under the present Risen Christ Parish of Tungawan: Zona San Agustin - Cayamcam, Batungan, Upper Batungan, Phase V, Tambis-tambis; Zona Del Pilar - San Jose I, San Vicente I, San Vice ...

    Sunday, 12 October 2014
  • CSFI Children's Day Celebration Held

    Maluso, Basilan. Claret Samal Foundation (CSFI) had its Children’s Day celebration at the Bajau Wellness Sanctuary last Friday, October 10, 2014. Eighty one Bajau pupils from different Bajau communities under the Pre-school and Kinder classes attended the said celebration. It aims to provide avenues for all the Bajau pupils to gather, to develop their social skills and to establish friendship among themselves through games, dancing and singing. Children’s rights and protection have been integrated as well to better equip them of their basic rights. ...

    Friday, 10 October 2014
  • Scholastic Ken Seizes Exposures in Philippine Province

    A Claretian missionary from the East-Asian delegation had a foretaste of what it looks like and how it feels like being in the mission areas with Filipino Claretians of the Philippine Province. Sch. Francisco "Ken" Masuda, CMF from Tokyo formation community in Japan spent at least three months in the Philippines for his exposure as part of the program after finishing his studies in Licentiate of Sacred Theology in Sophia University. He spent his first two months in Claret Theology house and had the chance to visit the mission works of Claret Urban Poor Apostolate (CUPA) in Rodriguez, Rizal. For some weeks, he was accompanied by some of the scholastics in reaching the different apostolate ministries such as Philippine Orthopedic Hospital (POC), New Bilibid Prison, and Home for the Aged. With his last month of stay, he went to Ormoc to witness the mission there particularly the ongoing housing projects for the Yolanda victims. He was with Frs’. Lary Miranda, CMF, Rene Manubag, CMF, a ...

    Friday, 10 October 2014
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Updates on the Aftermath of Yolanda
Provincial Government
Ormoc City - November 21, 2013 - Fr. Eduardo Apungan, CMF reported morning of Thursday that 2000 household from the six barangays under the care of the Claretians are now in queue at the Claret Novitiate House for the distribution of the 1000 sacks of relief goods that were sent thru private boat that arrived last Tuesday in Ormoc and brought directly to Sitio OCREP where the Mission Center is to be found. Fr Educ said that there are almost 2,500 households in the six barangays (Milagro, Lake Danao, Cabintan, Gaas, Liberty, Dolores) that were affected. Furthermore, he said that trip to Cebu and vice versa is now available so it is easy already to buy rice and stocks from there. The sad thing is that no government relief goods are distributed in the area. Only in some parts that the helicopter would drop relief. There is a very longe queue of trucks and buses in the Pan-Phil highway in Matnog, stranded and could not bring in more goods. The only best way to bring in food and materials i...
Into the Mountain: One Week Exposure
Missionary Diary
          Nowadays there are many new technologies coming from different countries. The cultures are fast changing, some taboos in the past are now considered as natural phenomena. Mass media is one of the big factors that contribute to our changing world. A single change affects the community, the family and the person itself. Most of the youths are having parties left and right and spending money for buckets of beer and going home late at night. Children are on to play station, computer games and game boy and the parents are busy doing their work. This picture tells us that everyone has its own work to do. The kitchen table with its bounty of food is only surrounded by empty chairs.              Year 2011, November 5-13, one week exposure in the mountain. The Claretian postulants had an opportunity to live in the mountain where there were no malls, hotels, game boy, and computers. Eve...
POSTULANTemplars Forth to Pilgrimage
Twenty Claretian Postulants of F.Y. 2011-2012 (also known as Templars) stayed at Brgy. Lutao, Albuera, Leyte from February 20 -24, 2012 for their Retreat. Since it was their last Retreat as Postulants, the Postulant master, Fr. Elmer Cantular, CMF intended it to be memorable and special by inviting Fr. Mauricio Ulep, CMF as the Retreat master. Fr. Mau’s busy schedule as the Director of Claret School of Zamboanga did not hinder him from sharing the fire to the incoming Junior Novices.              “A Spiritual Journey” formally started on February 21, 2012 as Fr. Mau guided each Templar to the “JOURNEY through SIGN POSTS”. Each day of the Retreat was an opportunity to reflect on each of the five sign posts, meditate on a particular Gospel reading and spend the remaining time in silence and prayer. As the sea kisses the setting sun at 6:00, the community would once again be gathered around the altar with Christ, to celebrate the Hol...
TakBokasyon 2012 Tumakbo Na!
Vocation Office

Quezon City Claret Vocation Office sucessfully held its TakBOKASYON 2012 Run for Claretian Vocations, early morning of Saturday at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City. The event that was prepared by the Claretian Family particularly in cooperation with Claret School of Quezon City, Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc., Claret Urban Poor Apostolate, Claretian Seminaries in Quezon City, RMI & MC Sisters, & Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish was participated by more than five hundred runners and hundred walk- in particpants and staff.



“A Son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a man on fire with love, who spreads its flames wherever he goes. He desires mightily and strives by all means possible to set everyone on fire with God’s love. Nothing daunts him: he delights in privations, welcomes work, embraces sacrifices, smiles at slander, rejoices in all the torments and sorrows he suffers, and glories in the cross of Jesus Christ. His only concern is how he may follow Christ and imitate him in praying, working, enduring and striving constantly and solely for the greater glory of God and the salvation of humankind.”



AUGUST 3 - 8, 2015


General Prefecture of Formation
La Fraguacmf
General Prefecture of Formation


For those who would like to help the Yolanda victims in the Claretian communities, you may deposit your donations to:

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